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AEX Group

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Founded in 1982, AEXGroup a Mid-Atlantic based logistics service provider (3PL), goes the extra mile delivering high-value goods to their final destination. AEXGroup drives efficiencies throughout your supply chain focusing on regulatory compliance, reducing cost, and providing secure product deliveries.

Today AEXGroup provides secure, on-time deliveries to over 9,000 stops per day covering 30 million trackable items per year, with a 99% on-time performance rating, and claims ratio of less than .00001% throughout the eastern seaboard. Serving PA, NJ, DE, MD, NY, CT, DC, VA and WV. These services are supported by a robust technology platform, 9 cross-docks, a network of 450 drivers, best-practices logistics assessments and systems integration.



Break Bulk Distribution, Dedicated TruckVan, Expedited Freight, Ground Parcel, Hot Shot, Line Haul, Local Pickup, Messenger, Next Flight, Route Work, Scheduled, Routing, LTL, 24 Hour Turn-around, Warehousing, Cross Docking, Specialized Courier Services ,Inventory Management and Store Replenishment, Inter-store and Supplier Logistics, Vendor Consolidation and Distribution Services, Fulfillment Services, Freight Management Solutions, Forward Stocking, Trafficking Inter-Office Mail, Centralizing Inter-Store Transfers, Managing Supply Chains, Temperature Control, Parts Logistics, Last Mile, Distributing Inter-Plant Parts and Materials, Air Freight Distribution


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Air Rides, Cargo Vans, Cars, Covered Pickups, Hi-Cubes, Lift Gates, Straight Trucks, Tractor Trailers, Sprinter Vans.

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J.D. Gamble - President & CEO

Joshua Gamble - Manager, Logistics Solutions



Greater than 100,000 square feet


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