Above and Beyond Delivery

Above and Beyond Delivery

7240 W Erie Street, Ste 1
Chandler, AZ 85226

Office Phone: (480) 705-5555

Email: jbowman@bowman-group.com



Company Bio

We are a third-party logistics provider. Simply put, you manage your business and we manage your delivery program. 

Your core business is making or selling your product.  When you add logistics, you are taking on a specialized service requiring professional expertise - which means adding high-level management, proprietary systems, extensive investments in equipment, delivery personnel, and any legal and regulatory burdens that go along with making your first delivery. Expected efficiencies and projected savings quickly evaporate as operations, sales and executive management end up spending valuable hours dealing with in-house issues instead of real business.

Delivery is what we do, it is what we know and it's not only our core business - it's our only business.



Dedicated Truck, Van, Expedited Freight, Ground Parcel, Hot Shot, Line Haul, Local Pickup, LTL, Messenger, Next Flight, Route Work, Scheduled, Temperature Controlled, 24 Hour Turn-around, Warehousing

Special Services

Airport Pickup/Delivery, Banking, E-mail PODs, HazMat, Legal, Medical, Office Products, Online Order Entry & Tracking, Pharmaceutical, Signature Capture, 24/7 Onsite Dispatch


Cell Phones


Above and Beyond Delivery utilizes company owned vehicles all branded and kept to stringent safety standards.  We have:  Cargo Vans, Hi-Cubes, Lift Gates, Refrigerated, Straight Trucks, and Tractor Trailers.

Our Team

James Bowman, President
Jorge Aguirre, Operations Manager
Mike Munoz, Business Development
Pat Varela, Dispath, Driver Supervisor
Kim Sanchez, Accountant
Liz McBride, Human Resources, Office Manager


10,000 - 20,000 square feet


Online Track & Trace
Two Way Data
E-mail Access
Bar Code Scanning
Signature Capture